What is Ordrs?

About Us

At Ordrs our vision is to revolutionise the way that you shop by providing a same-day delivery service which is ‘second to none’. While carrying out our research we found out that you would like a delivery service which is reliable and also quick and easy to use. And that is what we strive to provide.

We also aim to assist all high street stores to adapt to the digital environment by enabling you as a user to be able to order from any high street store that you want! By doing this it will allow stores which lack presence online to compete with e-commerce gurus as well as grow companies which already have a presence online. Most importantly this will authorise you as a user to be entitled to the variety of products you deserve! So everybody is happy!

We have three main values which we like to call ‘The Three Eswhich are:


Ordrs know that in most cases there is no need to work hard – ‘working smart’ and getting things done in the most logical ways is one of our goals. Our app will allow you to deliver items easily and efficiently.


As a company, we believe that whether you’re a third party store, deliverer or a recipient that you should all be respected as human beings and treated with utmost respect. We work with a set of principles which allow us to do the right thing.


‘Last but not least’. Excellence. By your feedback and your co-operation – we believe that we can produce a service that will meet your needs. But remember YOUR feedback, we need YOUR help. Please never hesitate to give your view!!

Contact us

Do you have any feedback? Any questions? We’d love to hear from you!

You can contact me at davidson@ordrs.co.uk